Callbacks - Man of La Mancha

Callbacks will be held on Monday, November 24, 3:30 - 5:30 pm.

Padre: Jacob Levine, Ben Trombetta
The same two songs as  last Monday (have them memorized).

Housekeeper: Cali Bronkema, Alyssa Kerper, Halle Sarner
Solo section of We’re Only Thinking of Him and trio (with Padre)

Barber: Carina Florio, Kate Stargiotti
Monologue and song

Innkeeper: Carina Florio,  Abigail Iaconis, Sophie Dora Tulchin
Song -- and see Mrs. Warren for sides (script dialogue) 

Captain of the Inquisition: Cassie Honey, Leo Tulchin
See Mrs. Warren Monday morning for sides (script pages)